Minimum viable prototypes for dummies.

A hands-on approach on how to increase your chances of winning clients.

4 simple After Effects tips for making smooth transitions.

1. Get the AEUX plugin.

Super nice tool to easily export your groups and layers to After Effects. UX motion design with the tools you use(Figma/Sketch/XD).

2. Use masks.

Masks are a great way to create elegant transitions. This is a super easy trick you can do.

The best hand-off development tool is no tool.

The indie way of making a game.


If there are moments like “Unce upon a time…” which are shared from generation to generation, the classic crosswords game would be one of them. Nowadays no one carries a pen and a newspaper with them anymore, so this is how it got started.

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Music shouldn’t be like McDonald’s.

A bunch of very passionate people (including myself) are digging for unfamiliar music gems and we don’t have a platform where people can discover music other than big names, big marketing campaigns, and so on.

A possible way to browse quicker than the classic list view.

Taken from the landing page.

How I started a drop shipping business without following the rules.

My first attempt. “Dezolat” clothing shop.

How I built a music showcase website with a WordPress slider plugin.

Alexandru Giuseppe Ispas

Independent product designer based in Bucharest.

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