Romanians favorite crosswords game, now in their pockets.


The client (my father)

The challenge

How might we avoid being “just another crosswords game” for the younger audience?

The solution

The indie way of designing and building a game.

  1. We didn’t have enough time to put into this (it was a side-project after all).
  2. We already knew something about our audience. Just enough for making me enthusiastic about making this game.
  3. I have found a template containing a starter framework for allowing me to build this game. I have bought a license and started getting my hands dirty. It was built on Java, so I could put in on Google Play and test it with real users.
  4. I was lazy (lean product development).

How fast should we launch?

The results

Almost 700 reviews on Google Play.
  • Now if you search for “crosswords’ in Google Play we are in the top 5 results.
  • Almost 700 genuine reviews
  • Featured in one of the most influential start-up related magazines in Romania.
  • Recently launched the iOS version.
  • 10.000+ installs
  • 0$ spent in marketing campaigns, just organic growth.



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