Soulseek — the only place for music lovers, refreshed.

How this amazing app can be improved by using common sense, empathy and best practices.

User onboarding

How we can improve this whole onboarding process just be applying some common sense, best practices and putting ourselves in the shoes of a user?

The user interface

Let’s explore a bit!

1. Rooms, which are the most important. There you can search and chat either on the general room or with individual members.

2. Search, which now it’ more friendly and easy to use. As I said earlier, more “context aware”.

3. Members list, as you probably noticed changes simultaneously with the room. When you select “Jazz” the members list it’s updated automatically.

The landing page.

How this can be easily fixed applying the same principles we used for the onborading process and interface:

And a pinch of visual design to attract the user.



Independent product designer based in Bucharest.

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