What “Seinfeld” taught me about being a better designer.

How I designed and built something with basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge.

What was needed?

They needed a tool where they can add/edit/delete in real-time their earnings in a simple yet familiar way, basically a spreadsheet. Also, they wanted to be able have an user and password in order to access this.

What I did?

As I said before, if you’re not paying attention and see the big picture, the first reaction might be: “WOW! This is a kind of complex/big/hard, it requires some serious development skills which obviously I do not have them because I’m a designer and also the budget may be too small so I better refuse this, which seems a pretty reasonable thing to do.
So, instead of doing this, I did the opposite of what I’m normally doing. So I’ve decided to take it and build it without knowing where it can lead.

Find out what existing tools are solving this problem at the most basic level.

I’m a strong believer in “Don’t reinvent the wheel if it’s already invented.” so I’m absolutely sure that I might find useful resources to help me not just design it but build it also.

Finding the resources.

They wanted a place of their own where they can be able to have an user and a password to log in.

Okay, what can I do?

Again, it might be a good idea to search for a resource which might allow me to have a basic spreadsheet. I am pretty sure that there might be something available with a similar kind of functionality.

Let’s have a short recap:

Without being a developer, I’ve managed to have a functional website with a front-end login form and a real-time editing spreadsheet.



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